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Aug 22, 2008

The Dating List

This has been List Week on SOLO dot MOM. It just  turned out that way, so I wanted to come up with a unique list for today, Friday. The more I thought about it, I knew the perfect list would be “the dating list.” You all know the recent dating stories, if you have been keeping up with my blog (and if you haven’t here are links to this blog about dating, this blog about dating, and this one of course.) (See I didn’t even take you all the way back to this one.)  But with understanding my 'great' history of this dating game, you must wonder, why do any of us keep doing it? Why do I continue trying again and again, meeting new guys, hanging out with them, and getting to know them?  When it just seems to end in failure or with being just friends, over and over and over again. Quite frankly, I had to ask myself that question; because  I am truly happy being single.  So I need confirmation of why I am putting myself through this continually.

Now here is the list of what I came up with that accounts for why any of us might continue this adventurous life called dating. (At least this is my list):

  1. To have something to blog about!
  2. To have male companionship that is a step above hanging out with your brother and his friends, where the most compassionate moment all evening will be the slap on the shoulder from one of them that says, “Did you hear that?” (And you can figure out what “that” is.)
  3. To have someone interested in hearing every word we say.
  4. For the entertainment value… I mean so you can get out and about and enjoy a movie, concert, or a nice restaurant… come on, I wasn’t talking about making fun of it later (psst that is what the blog is for, of course --- only kidding).
  5. To gain some experience with dating and get better at it. (Now I have lost count on how many dates I've had since the divorce --- but yes it ranks pretty high up there and so you would think I‘d have this mastered by now.)
  6. To learn about ourselves while we are learning about others.
  7. To build our self-esteems. We can say we are happy being single all day long, but I want to know one woman who can tell me you don’t want to feel like men are still interested in you, or at least still attracted to you. I can only speak for myself, but I like to feel I am still attractive.
  8. To meet the man of our dreams, like ModernSingleMama (or at least close to him) and settle down again someday as a happy family. (Because you remember I already have this list of what I miss from being a married couple)

So there you have it. My Top Eight list of reasons why we continue to pick ourselves up, dust off our hands and feet and get back out there. Dating can be fun, seriously, it can be. Try one of these outings next time, to mix it up a little:

a. Suggest skating instead of a movie…. Can he keep his balance?

b. Try bowling… Did he let you win? Can he show you a better technique?

c. Mention taking a picnic to the park or on the parkway in the afternoon… Did he offer to pack the lunch?

Life and dating can be fun. Don’t let yourself be convinced otherwise. I’m not.

Now it’s your turn.

Why do you continue dating… do you have other reasons we can add to my list?
What are some “different” date activities you could recommend?
Think outside the box.
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dadshouse said...

I like this post - why indeed do we keep dating? If it's to find "the one", it can quickly become disillusioning. But if it's to have fun, get to know yourself better, and all the other things on your list - it can be a blast!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

because i am a glutton for punishment...

date tonight... he's not a registered sex offender or married. He's looking decent already. :D

Single Mom Seeking said...

Love your list! It rings true for me, too. I love being single these days... but it's in relationships that I've really grown.

You know what my last date was (UPS man who lives across the country).

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