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Aug 24, 2008

How Do You Not Convince Me? Let Me Count the Ways

Well as I prepare to go on vacation Monday, I wanted to at least get one posted blog up on Sunday for you to read.  I attempted to setup some to post while on vacation. It’s kind of like postdating a check; only you aren’t getting any money, only my thoughts. (I know I heard your sigh of disappointment all the way in Tennessee.) But I am not sure I have that feature mastered yet.

So today I am sharing things I have heard from guys trying to convince me to go out again.

Now I can only speak for myself but have you ever been talking, chatting, getting to know someone, or even as far as go out together with that person and then realize due to some red flags or other reasons that it’s just not going to work out? Sure you have. And then in a gentle friendly way, you share with him/her that its best that you meet other people and move on. At that point, if you are like me, you have come to this logic as a conclusion, not by attempting to play hard to get or to be elusive, right?Zenith_Console_TV.263131725_std

So the following are things guys might tell me in effort to convince me to go out again. These are just a few examples of what will NOT change my mind, but they WILL make me laugh:

  1. He is planning to buy a new TV to replace his vintage floor model console television that doubles as a piece of furniture in his wood paneled den.
  2. He tells me (to impress me) that he could have bought a BMW, but he chose to buy a more cost-effective, practical vehicle.
  3. He just knows we are destiny after one date, that we had a definite connection, and thereby we are meant to be together (forever).
  4. He sends me a picture message from his cell phone without his shirt on. Nice.
  5. He demands a detailed explanation why I don’t want go out a second time and says he deserves it (after one date).
  6. He says the phrase, “You can even go to the **** City police department to check me out.”
  7. He meant to let me choose the movie when the theater wasn’t showing the film we both planned to see that other night.
  8. He wants me to know that he is going to quit living with his parents…. next month.
  9. He doesn’t know why that other girl keeps calling me.
  10. He doesn’t know why there is someone with his name on the sex offender’s registry list, but it’s not him.

Ok, ok, not all of these are things have been said to me during my dating sagas. I made “a few” of them up. But sadly, seven out of the ten above are actually true! Oh, and if I have shared with a guy nicely that I am not interested, his naked chest isn’t going to do a thing for me. So mental note, if these guys were trying to make me laugh as we parted ways, it worked. :)

Now it’s your turn:

What are some excuses you have heard from girls/guys to convince you to go out with them again?
Come on you have to have some better than these!

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Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Rolling over here... :D

Ms. Single Mama said...


I can't get over the TV one.

You're funny.

Anonymous said...

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