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Oct 27, 2008

You've Got Mail is Happening to ME!

You've Got Mail:  Have you seen this movie? What if I told you something similar was happening to me?… Well close… ok not really close… but it is correspondence between a guy and me happening through email!

When I was in my later teens and early twenties there were several guys and girls that were my age in my youth group across the state…. Some I didn’t associate with as much as others. There was this one guy who went to a nearby church and I knew him… but I wouldn’t exactly say we were friends. But he knew who I was… from a distance… from a ‘she’s a dork and not exactly in my league’ kind of distance.

God has such a great sense of humor. I laugh out loud every time I even think about what is happening. All these years later… he is pursuing me through email (at this stage) from his finding my profile on POF. Now mind you, apparently he cannot tell from just my picture and my first name and short profile… who I am after all these years. So I just plainly think it’s funny. He never intentionally ignored me nor was he ever rude, etc. but if you knew me and this guy back then, you would know we would never have ended up “dating.” He is part of a wealthy family... and blah blah blah.

Well he is now divorced, a single father and after all these years… he is attracted to a short profile on the very girl that earlier in life he wouldn’t have thought twice to even take out for coffee, let alone try through email to get to know her better and eventually ask out on a date.

Oh the joys of God’s sense of humor. I am thoroughly enjoying watching this one play out. I don’t know how long I will wait before I reveal who I am… I mean come on... I don’t look that different do I? Not sure my nerves could handle an actual face to face meeting to reveal this one… but I am up for suggestions, from my blogosphere friends…

Anyone, Anyone… I am waiting… enjoying the fun while I wait, but waiting.

Insert your suggestions here.

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Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

I have to know how this one plays out...

Anonymous said...

wow, this is...well....wow.

how long has he been emailing you?

not sure what i would do? i mean. people change a lot over the years.

my mom is now all these years later married to her high school algebra teacher. not then, 30 years later.

see where it goes, i wouldn't tell him until you do a face to face and only then if you think it could do any good.

otherwise, keep it to yourself and keep snickering.

but who am i to give advice.

what does your little voice in your soul say?

Katherine said...

Heather, Is this not the craziest?

Underthebigblue, we have been only going back and forth for a few days now... and yes I believe he probably has grown up a lot over the years and is probably a different person now... I just think it's funny... that circle of life you know?

Gary "Big Hokie" Cope said...

Okay. I'll be the jerk and say what I really think ... this guy doesn't deserve your time or attention.

Look, I realize that it was probably peer pressure that prevented him from being interested in you back in the day. I'm not saying people can't change, but in my experience, most people don't change at the basic level. If you were a jerk and superficial in high school, you are probably still a jerk and superficial.

I'm not saying that you completely dis this guy, but it seems to me that if he didn't show interest in you back in the day because he seemingly thought that he was out of your league, then how, after all these years, are you two suddenly in the same league.

Personally, I think YOU are out of HIS league. Granted, I don't even know you all that well, but you seem like the kind of person who doesn't like to judge people at first glance, which is what this guy seemed to do to you years ago.

Sure, there's a chance he's changed and maybe all this is happening for a reason? On the one hand, I hope I'm wrong about the guy and that he has changed. But on the other hand (here come the character flaw) I hope he hasn't and that you shoot him down so he can crash and burn. Karma's a you-know-what and I firmly believe that what goes around, comes around.

I realize that is not the Christian thing to say, think or do, but I never proclaimed to be a good Christian. I'm flawed in many ways and one of those is taking slight pleasure in watching people get theirs.

Now I know some of those reading this will think that I was probably one of the kids beaten up or picked on in school. Uh, no. I was 6ft., a solid 225 pounds and an played ball year round. I wasn't the "picking on" type - I would fight back and everyone knew it.

I'm bitter because bullies and arrogant, self-absorbed people irritate me to no end. Those people should be glad that I don't make the rules.

Rant over. I'm off to the gym to work out some of my issues. :)

Trish said...

Ok...Kat...you have a major opportunity here...and maybe it's because if I were in your shoes I'm not really sure yet what I would do...but my first thought when I read your blog was don't tell him....get to know him a little better find out how much he's changed or grown up and then tell him...but wait for a little bit...it would be fun to know if he's the same since his teen years or if time and a little growing up has changed him....from experience there are still grown men who act the way they did in high school and teen years - I think you can have a lot of fun with this....and that's what I would do....and of course you must keep us posted on what you do...and on a side note...I think this is God's way of putting a little humor into your life!!!! Enjoy it!

Elisabeth said...

Too funny.

I really don't think it matters how it was in high school. I say enjoy the conversation, see where it goes. I think you'll find the right time to tell him.

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