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Jun 26, 2008

It's OK to be OK With Being Single

Talking with one of my single ‘buddies’ they said, “What do you mean, you’re done?  Are you never dating again?”

I had just quoted the ending of a recent "resignation from dating" blog (I think I am giving up for a while) when I say, “...I am not closing myself off to a potential relationship, but I think I am done. Yeah, I said it. That's it; I'm done.”

Well no, I explain, it’s not that I am NEVER dating again. I have simply resolved that I am not living my life with this sense of something missing, some unfinished business that I keep thinking I have to get back to, this item on the back burner that never has been successful; and so I am going to rid myself of feeling like I have to be pursuing the next possible relationship all the time and finally going to live my life content for who I am and content with being single.

It is liberating, (Thanks Ms Single Mama, for the comment) and I don’t have to go around with this hanging sense that there is one more thing I have to do. It’s ok to be single and its ok to be ok with it! So with all due respect, quit trying to make all of us 'singles' feel like we are the foreigners or the aliens in a couple driven world… ok?


Melanie said...

Yeah, why do people assume that if you are single that there is something missing from your life? Why do I have to be attached at the hip to someone at all times?
I shouldn't be judged just cuz I show up to places alone. lol.

Anonymous said...

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