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Sep 28, 2008

Up-to date on The Date

Many have been asking me... "What about your first real date  with 'K'?"  Well, 'K' and I have went out a few times since the first "meet-up" on that Wednesday night when he tried to find me an apple pie for dessert.  The first official 'date' was on the Saturday night after that Wednesday and I finally got my apple pie.  'K' cooked me dinner that night and of course had apple pie for dessert.  Not only did I have it for dinner, but he gave me a separate apple strudel pie to have at my house for my kids to enjoy later.  Wasn't that thoughtful?

We have met-up or went out a couple more times since then and each time he has been quite the gentleman and always brings something to my door for my kids and myself to enjoy at a later time.  This past Saturday night it was Hershey bars.  We have had many talks and through these conversations, the synopsis so far has been that we are  not looking for anything serious at this time.  Being busy with work and raising our kids leaves little time for a relationship and he has emphasized the fact that getting married is something he has set in his mind for ten years down the road.

So clearly, we still want to hang out together at times and continue to get to know each other; but friends is where it stands.  There is an interest on both sides, but  I believe I speak for both of us when I say we agree taking it very slow is what we both want. 

For those of you hanging on the edge of your seat, waiting to hear "the rest of the story," I hope the reality of my lovely dating saga doesn't bore you because  I think it remains interesting as I continue waiting to see what unfolds next. 

I don't mind having guy friends and someday there will be "the best friend and companion" I could ever possibly ask for that will develop - and whether that will be from a current or from a future friend, no one knows at this time.  That is part of the mystery of life.... the mystery of my dating life that is.

So now it's your turn.  Leave your comments below:

What's your most recent dating experience you can share?

Do you think taking it slow is equivalent to 'boring' when it comes to dating, or does the suspense of what may happen next make it just as interesting? 

What is your opinion of online dating?  Is there potential for a real relationship when meeting someone this way?

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Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

slow is good... and you should take it slow, but even though our heads go, take it slow, take it slow, our hearts often want to speed up the process... :D

in my heart of hearts i know that slow is the way to go... but i'm tired of being patient.

unfortunately, that's what will get me in trouble... :D

Anonymous said...

I haven't even tried the dating pool again being only 6 months out of the marriage, I can only remotely imagine a man in my life again.

I agree slow is a good thing and don't worry about being boring. Sometimes the most boring can be the most comforting after being through a mess. Go with your gut, that's what I always say. Listen to that little voice inside of you and do what is best for you and the kids.

Besides if he's a good friend and he's good to the kids, sounds like it, it's good to have a male presence around.

Sometimes I feel like we're in girl overdrive here :-)

dadshouse said...

Slow is definitely good. I love how this guy cooked you dinner and dessert, and made something for your kids, too. That is thoughtful! Hope things unfold in a way you like.

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