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Sep 30, 2008

Single Edition Approached Me For An Interview!

Today I am thrilled to give a shout-out to Single Edition for honoring me as one of their spotlight singles.  Please take a moment to read about my experience of being a single mom in the interview on their website, here (www.singleedition.com).

I was on vacation when a representative from Single Edition contacted me and asked about doing an interview.  In the midst of getting back we finalized the interview and now it is in this week's issue of their newsletter and on their website.  This is such an honor.  In just the past few months I have tried taking my blogging to the next level and truly becoming a part of the blogosphere; so this is quite humbling and I appreciate them giving me an opportunity to share my story as a single mom.

kathyWell before it sounds like it's all going to my head, I am just going to cut this short and ask that if you get a few minutes, check it out;  and then come back here and leave me a comment or two.  I would love some feedback. 

Photo Credit: my photo submitted to Single Edition with their choice of quote.


Single Mom Seeking said...

I just got my edition of the Single Edition newsletter... and there you are! How great!

I thought, "Is that THE Solo dot Mom, aka Kit Kat?"

Indeed, it is! Well done, mama.

Alan said...

I enjoyed reading the interview. You come across as positive, reflective and optimistic. Well done.

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