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Aug 19, 2008

The Characters

kat formal pic
Katherine:  That’s me, the blogger, single mom, dating aficionado ;), with a to-do list of house projects a mile long (Sorry Brooks, looks like I will continue calling on you till I find the special guy for my life to help. :)  I love my children and pour myself into them and learn from them every waking day.

jason formal pic 2008 Jas: My first born. My son is thirteen, and a genius. I am in love with him. My love for my son is just as great as it is for my daughter - but in a different way. I am intrigued by his incredible genius and when you wait for it… wait for it…. he will open up and share his imagination like no other person I have ever met. I know there will come a day he will find his “soul mate” but until then I am going to enjoy the moments with him…. and my daughter…. to the best of my ability.
kass formal pic 2008 Kass: My baby girl. My princess is already nine years old and she thinks she is more like fourteen. She is already boy crazy and couldn’t be sweeter if she tried. She’s a hard worker and doesn’t mind helping me around the house (most of the time :). She has a big heart and everything is dramatic in her world. I love to hear her stories about her day… and who doesn’t like whom, and who is cool, (for that day at least).
When I originally posted this blog on “characters” in my life, there was no Mr. C.  But now I want to officially add him here as a Character…(2012)
Mr. C.: The new man in my life (love of my life).  We are currently in a relationship that is beyond words.  And you can  .
Mary: My sister. I need to share more about our relationship perhaps in a future blog. We are only eighteen months apart in age. We are close but very different in a lot of ways. She has a husband named Keith and three girls: Emmy, Faith, and Rose. She is a blessed stay-at-home mom.
Matt: My big bro. We are closer now than when we were growing up at home. He has done quite well for himself and is very successful. I am proud of him. To say he is passionate about cars, is putting it mildly when it comes to his hobby. He buys and sells cars more often than anyone, no question. His wife is “V” who is also a very good friend of mine. They have four dogs. Yes that is correct – four dogs.
TB: She is my best friend. I think she qualifies. I have known her since I was a young teenager. I used to babysit her son when he was two and he is now 24 years old. She is who I call on when I need anything. She is close enough that I consider her like family.
Brooks: My guy friend, one of the best of them. I have known Brooks for over two years now and we’ve always been “just friends”. He comes into town to assist with home improvement projects, when they are more than I can handle. We lean on each other by conversation and bouncing off our latest dating stories. He always says, I pray for you every day. Thanks for that.
Keith R.: My guy friend, another one of the best of them. We have been friends for eight years now. We’ve worked together on networking projects. He has taught me quite a bit about computer technology and over the years we have developed a close friendship. For the most part he has a GF we’ll call “A”.
Dr. B.: My boss, my mentor, my father-figure. His wife we will call by her initials, SB.
Pat and Jan: Directors at my office, and also very good friends that I can call on at a moment's notice, remember? My daughter has especially grown fond of this couple and they are great role models for her and my son.
happy1 Happy and Jovi: Our pets at home. Two dogs: one is 000_0075the age of 84 in dog years and he is a mix breed of cocker spaniel and retriever and the other is only 7 in dog years and she ¾ miniature Dachshund and ¼ Chihuahua. I have them for the kids. But we all love ’em.
That's several that you will find mentioned from time to time in my world of solo 'momhood.'  Hope this helps clarify things... now that you know these wonderful people in my life, you will just have to go back and read the links so you can better understand who I was talking about.Kats family formal pic-A


Trish said...

love the pics...I can't believe how fast your kidos are growing up.

cathouse teri said...

Purrrrty family!

Bec said...

LOVE the setup you've created on here! Very cool!

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