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Nov 12, 2008


"Kathy, Are you even in the market for a boyfriend?"Fresh & Easy Store brand canned goods

This is the latest ‘question of the hour’ someone asked me just this week. How did I answer? The way I always do. Someday I hope God brings that special companion into my life. But I don’t believe in the fairytale, soul mates, or prince charming. I don’t think “the perfect guy” exists. I really don’t. I do however,  believe that God is in control of the bigger picture and that “in His time” God can bring someone into my life, into my world, who is compatible and connects with me regarding faith, intellect, and my approach to life. I even believe He can use current resources like online dating to bring me and ‘this guy’ together (no, I am not joking).  The guy He sends will be someone who will accept my children, respect them and our family bond. And just like single mom seeking  talked about in her recent blog describing "the man she hopes to love"  he will look into my eyes… and not look away… and then I will know, just know, he is the one for me. (Well it might take a little more than that, but we can dream, right?!)

So am I “in the market” for a BF? Well maybe in the broader perspective.  But anticipating it anytime soon? We will all just have to wait and see…. Stay tuned my blogosphere friends, the best is yet to come!

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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Anonymous said...

I too am of that philosophy of well, if it's meant to happen it will find it's way to me.

However, that being said. I'm just not there yet.

Along with you, I have a priority list a mile and a half wide for the poor guy who wants to be my post-marriage boyfriend.

Laneris said...

In the matter of finding your loved one I wouldn't rely on God. You and only you can do it. You make up your mind and wish it really as much as you can and it will come true.

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