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Oct 16, 2008

Tying up loose ends

If you have been reading my blogs, you know recently I have had some open ended questions on things going on in my world. (And if you would like to regularly keep up, please subscribe here.) Some questions you may still have: Jas’ quarters, what did we finally do? Kass doctor’s visit, how does she define “started?” Dating again… where has that headed?


Jas ended up keeping the quarters. (If you don't know about him hitting the jackpot, read my blog linked here.) He used them at the same laundry mat to play video games and buy sodas. (So he was reinvesting in the source at least.) A couple days after the incident, I went into the laundry mat and checked around. Just like he had said, I also couldn’t find an employee, manager, or any obvious info on the change machine. So I just chalked that one up as a “blessing” for Jason. Some commenters suggested he give the money to charity… but he’s 13, a boy, and doesn’t yet have any interest in “charity.” Sad that I have to admit that, but it is true. And I have to also say, I choose my battles when it comes to forcing him to do things.

The Talk

Kass and I have only begun the process of the “talk.” (If you don't know about her doctor's visit that informed me it was time for this, read my blog linked here.) We had some time alone one evening and I brought up the doctor’s visit. I asked what did she think it meant when people talked about girls “starting”? She said she didn’t know. So I went into a little more detail about how girls’ bodies begin to change as they get older and told her not to be alarmed when that happened to her. It was just a beginning for us. But at least I have opened the door and will be purchasing a book as recommended by a very good friend of mine, How You Are Changing by Jane Graver to aid in the conversation as that process continues.

Dating Again

This isn’t going anywhere at the moment. I still talk with K, but we haven’t gone out in weeks. I can’t officially say I’m on another “man break” but it looks that way at the moment. Interestingly though, just like MsSingleMama stated in a recent blog, it feels great not to be absorbed in keeping up with a relationship right now. No, it doesn’t mean I’m a man hater nor that I’m giving up permanently on relationships; I just appreciate the fact that when these times come along, I don’t find myself getting obsessed with the idea that I have to be in a relationship. I can be content with who I am, being single, and enjoying my life instead of wishing for what I don’t have. I’ve said this before. This is nothing new. But, in case you are getting worried, I must say I do look forward to someday meeting someone or pursuing a current friendship by taking it to the next level. I just don’t think about it all the time. It only crosses my mind once or twice a day instead of once or twice an hour.

That special relationship will come along one day, though… just wait and see!

Now it’s your turn:

Did I get you caught up with my world, or did I miss something?

What are some things that are still evolving in your world? Have you been putting off an important conversation or a confrontation? Are you in a current relationship that appears to be at a standstill?

Spill it and let me live vicariously through your relationship for a moment.

Find yourself keeping it real.

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Trish said...

Thanks for the catch up!
As for me - I have several things that need to be taken care of - but as you read in my blog - you know I'm miss indecisive and am really struggling right now with decisions and things going on in my world! and if today's any indication - I woke up crying - and have cried most of the morning - so I'm sure if I get it blogged it should be interesting.

Ms. Single Mama said...

Well said Kit Kat! Once or twice a day instead of once or twice an hour.

There's a big difference between feeling like you need a man and wanting one. But now that I've been man-free for quite some time - no dates (outside of cabin man - which was more a trip for Ben and I)... I'm LOVING all of the me time and Ben time I get to fit in.

It's just amazing because when you're dating someone you spend time thinking about them, the next date, etc. It's a tad consuming sometimes. Yep. I'm on a man cleanse too and it feels fabulous!

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