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Sep 15, 2008

Single Encounters of the Dating Kind

I met “K” last Wednesday night. If you don't know who "K" is, read this blog and find out more. It was to be our “meet up” (not our first date) according to “K.” This would let some of the pressure off from our first date if we met on a casual basis first, he thought. We decided we would meet and get ice cream and talk; getting the “preliminaries” out of the way. So Wednesday came, I had both kids going to friends’ houses to stay after school making my evening free and ready for our “meet up.”

After work, I ran by my house, let the dogs out and “freshened” up.

What I didn’t get to do:

- Wash the infinity

- Repaint my toenails

- Take another shower

- Completely change out of my work clothes into something more casual

- Change to a smaller purse

What I did get to do:

- Let the dogs run around for 30 minutes

- Brush my teeth

- Comb my hair

- Freshen my makeup

So as you can see, it was supposed to be a casual meeting, but “meet up” or first date, either way I knew I wanted to make a good first impression. Time just didn’t allow for me to get it all done. So I left the house hoping for the best.

Well we met at an ice cream shop I chose nearby. When I pulled up the place was closed. No big deal. Being parents, we both understand you have to be flexible at a moment’s notice. He asked me to join him in his vehicle and we would drive somewhere else together. I started rambling when I got in, and I’m not even sure now what I was saying as I share this in reflection; but I usually do ramble when I am nervous. Only minutes passed however, and I started feeling less nervous and more comfortable like during our conversations we’ve had over the past three weeks. I was craving apple pie and so now he became the "man on a mission." We were setting out to find a restaurant with apple pie a la mode. Our first stop didn’t have it, nor the second, nor the third. He was so kind and patient as he insisted to go in place after place after place asking the host/hostess if they served apple pie on their desert menu. (Surprisingly, it’s not as common a dish as I had thought! Isn’t this America… home of the apple pie?)

Finally after several stops, the next restaurant we came to on recommendation from a host at Ruby Tuesday (Thanks by the way) was Olive Garden. So I made a quick decision and asked for a table, before “K” could ask about deserts. But they didn’t have apple pie either! I loved his patience and his persistence, (and I will never forget that) but we needed to settle on a place and just get something. He looked at me funny for a minute, as if to say, are you sure you don’t want apple pie?  Understanding his questioned look, I explained we should just stay here and I would find something else instead.

We each made a choice from the menu and talked. I was truly at ease and had a wonderful time. After we left I had a little more time before I had to pick up the kids, so we went to the mall. I fought the urge to truly shop and so we just browsed and chatted more.   I found myself smiling and laughing the whole evening.  That was a good sign.

Our official first date was this past Saturday night….. (check back to hear about "the first real date" as my “K” encounter continues).

Photo Credit: http://www.lookdeeper.com/files/user2/apple_pie.jpg


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

i don't want to wait. I had to wait FIVE DAYS to hear about this... i'm pouting, I know, but really, i'm procrastinating....

got time for lunch this week?

dadshouse said...

That's so awesome! I think only single parents really "get" other single parents. It's great he was so patient. (And I loved his "dont' you want apple pie?" look)

Hope Sat. night is fun!

T said...

Awesome!!! Sounds like a great start to a fabulous date! Can't wait to read about it.

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