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Jun 25, 2009

To All The Ones - Who've Never Been Before... Welcome!

I guess you haven't traveled in and out my door.... I am glad you came along.... I dedicate this....

Ok, I know, I know....enough of that... some of you won't even recognize my play on this old song... but either way...

Welcome to my blog, SOLO dot MOM!

Here I talk about my life as a single mom, dating, loving life, and taking care of my kiddos who mean the world to me and I truly consider to be my treasures... I hope you will browse through a few of my recent entries where my intent is to keep it real, through the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.   You will find true stories of dating experiences over the past couple years, my current relationship with a man known as Mr. M., as well as moments of frustration as a single parent trying to do it all on my own... (with help from above, of course).  And yes, there are also some blog posts about my joys and successes... plus I even started doing some GIVEAWAYS!

Oh yeah, since I do love photography you will find I share some of my amateur photos with you occasionally as well.

RESOURCES you might find of interest are linked here

Some of my favorites blog posts are:

My Story, The Day My World Stood Still

The Joys of Dating

Secrets About Me

Love = Not Keeping Score

Mr. M. Took a Hike

A Day at the Zoo

Jas and the Dream Team

and a few more marked "favorites" on my index.

Well go ahead, sit back, and take a look around my blogspot, then read a few posts that might appear interesting to you....

And don't forget to follow me on twitter and subscribe by email or by rss feed/reader.

Thanks for stopping by.

Come again soon!


Find yourself... keeping it real.

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