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Apr 28, 2009

Jas - and the Dream TEAM

b-ball - strwbr001 -t

Jas has decided to play baseball for his middle school this year.  His team is undefeated at the moment... (Can't help but be a proud mom!)  I look for them to take the championship.

b-ball - strwbr007 team up

The team... excited about the play going on in the field.

b-ball - strwbr011 -t

Jas, playing first base....

Check out this great clip of an RBI (I think that is the right term for this play) he did during one of the games. Enjoy.  http://s161.photobucket.com/albums/t237/kshinault_photo/?action=view&current=b-ball-strwbr004.flv

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