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Jun 19, 2008

I Think I'm Giving Up For a While....

Ok. Ok, "Someday you will meet someone..."; "There are lots of people out there;" 000_0098"Why don't you go to singles ministry groups at various churches in your area?"  These are all nice statements and good advice.  But seriously, I think I just need to give up for awhile and get back to being comfortable doing things by myself as an adult and become happy with being single again.  I have been there before (happy with being single and just being me) and it hasn't been that long ago.... but I once again let myself get wrapped up in the "wouldn't it be nice" syndrome which leads to wishing my life and sanity away for the sake of a relationship.   

Even I tell people, ..."work on your current relationships that are not considered romantic as a way to prepare for your future relationship with the special someone."  "Make amends with family members or friendships that you have let pass by the wayside."  And I have followed my own advice; I promise these are not empty words I am sharing with you friends that are presently in the same boat. Yet still I search and wander; looking for that possible 'right guy' that will walk into my life and be sent from God.  I will know when I meet him, right? Or will I know after getting to know him for years and years and then have this epiphany enlighten him and me like a glow from heaven?  I don't know; I give up pretending to know; and I am going to quit trying to figure it out.  I have dated, I have tried, I have done it all....I am not closing myself off to a potential relationship, but I think I am done. Yeah, I said it. That's it; I'm done.

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