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May 18, 2009

Secrets... about me (you might not want to know)

I have a few secrets... all of which I can't share, but a few I will... if you promise not to use these things against me... and don't tell my boss!

1.  I use my boss's private bathroom (but only when he is out of town).  It's just too conveniently close by my office not to... (Remember the movie "The Ringer"  that guy got fired for doing such a thing.  So don't tell!)

2. I like my nails cut short... weirdly.  I do love girly things but with my active lifestyle, it's just easier to cut my nails short and keep them easy to maintain.

3. I'm addicted to Burt's Bees lip balm.  And I'm not getting paid a dime to say that.  Recently when I found gift sets of them on sale.. I bought like five... hey, I could give some as gifts.

4. My top fav movies at the moment are: Action/Suspense, Speed; Comedy, The Ringer; and Romance, Love Comes Softly

5. My fav makeup is bare essentials.  (Do you really think they would pay me to say that?)

6. My fav television (the little I get to watch) are TLC's What Not To Wear and Jon and Kate; Discovery's Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe; and anything on HGTV.

7. I if I tried.  I know I have friends that hate me because of this... but it is genetics.

8. I absolutely love tote bags... I would almost say it's a weakness, I have to resist not purchasing one if I see one I like.  And I have plenty on hand for throwing stuff in to lug around... which I do daily!

9. Mr. M. and I have used the 'L' word more than once since two months ago (after dating for a month and a half).

10. Fav author is Donald Miller, fav musical artist is Michael Buble, and fav color is blue or purple, (depending on when you ask me).

11. I am planning to someday get my PMP Certification but I do love my current job... and I'm not just saying that!

12. I have an obsession with hair (mine especially) and have since I was a young girl.

P.S. Mr. M. just shared with me after reading part of this list that my nails aren't that short.  (Meaning they are not as short as his, I guess) but you be the judge.


Find yourself... keeping it real.


Tammy said...

I love this, especially the part about your boss's bathroom. Just wait until I see him again!

John said...

If he's not using, well, and your nails aren't that short. Congrats on the weight! Nice list.

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