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May 20, 2009

The Ending and the Beginning

girl scout ceremony010-b crpd-b

At Kass' end of year ceremony Monday night, they initiated me as the new leader and I was given my "girl scout leader badge".   It was an honor and it was a great night.  They had me to participate in the girls ceremony for the ones that bridged up to Cadettes.  I hesitated while reading one of the parts... because I started second-guessing myself, not about the pronunciation (although I am sure that is how it appeared); but no, it wasn't that. Mid-stream while I am still reading, I started thinking "Am I reading the same part the girl before me read?" Thinking I had lost my place, I started trying to scan the page (again while I am still reading) to make sure I am in the right place.... hesitate on the word, find I am indeed in the right spot... and continue on.  Ok if I can barely manage to "read" my parts in a ceremony, how is this leadership thing even going to work?  Oh well... this should be interesting.

Here Kass got her "string of badges" she had earned this past year...

girl scout ceremony009-b

And now she awaits her new leader/mom to "iron" them onto her sash.... eventually.  I plan to tell her I definitely will get them on before next year's ceremony!

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1 comment:

SingleParentPlus2 said...

You'll do great! You were the hottest mom at the ceremony!

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