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May 6, 2009

An announcement to make...

I have an announcement to make.  If you have been following my facebook, this is no news; and if you haven't, why not?  My announcement is:  I have been requested to serve as a Girl Scout Leader and now am in the process of becoming certified!!  I will be a part of the ceremony at Kass' Girl Scout end of the year meeting in two weeks.

See, I knew all of you readers would be excited for me!  No it's not a marriage proposal or engagement bliss like that of a few other single mom bloggers here of late... (like mommypie.wordpress or my personal friend, Morgan of Modern Single Momma)  but my news is big too, right!  Plans are I will be a leader working with Kass' troop starting this summer, because there will be two levels of girls scouts, Juniors and Cadettes and they had a leader to resign.  She (the resigning leader) personally recommended me, which I thought was so flattering. 

So I'm off on yet another adventure... this and being a Governor's school student's mom in the fall... WHAT AM I THINKING??!!!!

Here is a copy of a letter I have received so far in the process:

 gs ltr backgrd1

Sigh of relief... that background check came back ok.  Glad I hadn't forgotten about any felonies or any arrests in my past... I couldn't think of any... but sometimes my memory fails me, you know.

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