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May 7, 2009

Instant Messaging for Party Poopers

Occasionally I will instant message my sister (Mary) during the work day.  Now you know , but this is about instant messaging... totally different worlds.  She is a stay at home mom and frequently will get on the computer during the day, so we communicate more this way while I am at work.  I was laughing so hard at work today when we finished this latest i.m.  Now I won't bore you with the beginning in which we carried on two different conversations simultaneously (which we do often) where she proceeds to make me think my brother is going to be singing a song at church Sunday and she was actually referring to a party going on at my house Saturday for her daughter...and was being sarcastic about him singing... Anyways that was too complex to even show here and make any sense from it ... but here is where the instant message went downhill....

Mary:  sarcasm kat, sarcasm

me:  i am so confuseeeeed



Mary:  so how to plan party, most kids older but she should have some game

me:  yes


hopefully we can play outside

i know - the game of "don't step on the poop!"

great game

losers  will be messy though

Mary:  since there is actual poop involved lets think of something else

me:  I'll work on it

i like that game

i play it often

and Emmy would like it

making poop pies

Mary:  hopefully you win most of the time

and you call me a booger

me:  or poop goes the weasel



and Jovi can be the weasel


Following this, I was ROFL... but perhaps you just had to be here and perhaps you also just have to know how my sister must have been looking at the computer following my game suggestions....so that made it funnier for me.  She didn't even send a reply when I told her I would be posting the instant message conversation on my blog.  Nothing, not even a little smiley face.  Oh well, Happy Thursday, sis!!!  Looking forward to our Party Pooper games....

I kill me.

I seriously do.  Well at least "I" enjoy my sense of humor... even if no one else does!

Find yourself... keeping it real.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nope...I share your humour...in fact from all that laughing you must be totally 'pooped'!

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