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Nov 7, 2008

Text Messaging Etiquette IMHO






Did you get that?

Text messaging is a cool tool, a tech media, cutting-edge communication. But when I got a text message at 6:15 am the other morning… I wasn't thinking that's cutting edge...it got me thinking there should be some guidelines of simple text message etiquette. So I have come up with a list, but I am hoping you will lend your input and add some as well.

  1. Don’t text message before 8:00 am unless it has been previously arranged with the other person. And on weekends – don’t text message before 9:30. But I think it’s safe to say don’t send a text message as early as 6:15 am, EVER (or 6:14 am to be exact).
  2. If you haven’t spoken to someone in months/years/decades – do not reconnect by sending them a text message. (The 6:15 am message came from a guy I dated back almost 5 months ago. I blogged about him here.)
  3. Do not try to carry on an extended conversation by text message, UNLESS:
    • You are in a court trial (on jury duty or serving as a witness) and you want to share information with a friend and you can’t talk on your cell. Then by all means – text them!
    • You are getting written up for a speeding ticket and want to communicate the incident with a texting buddy… yes that police officer may not appreciate you asking him to wait while you call a friend on your cell phone, so in that case, texting is acceptable.
    • You are in the library. (This one is obvious, no explanation necessary, except, “why are you in the library sending a text message?”)
    • You can’t get a decent signal when talking on your cell phone; like in the ER. From personal experience, texting will be necessary if they cannot make out your words from your cell phone conversation.
  4. Don’t use text messaging to break up with a BF or GF. Umm, yeah just don’t.
  5. Now I am going to take this number four a step further and also say… don’t apologize to your SO over text message either.
  6. If someone you have been dating has ended things with you, don’t send them text messages nor picture messages trying to convince them to get back with you.

Ok, it’s your turn to add some proper etiquette ideas for text messaging…. Come on guys and gals, leave a comment below, send me an email… or hey – just send me a text message. (DM  on twitter works too!)  As long as it's after 6:14 am, ok?

Find yourself... keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  http://jott.com/jotters/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/text-message.jpg


Ms. Single Mama said...

Oh man, you've got to add "Don't ask a girl out via text message" I had a whole series on my blog about this - couldn't BELIEVE how many men were asking me out with a damn text message.

Mandy said...

This is so funny and so true. I have a friend that texts everything. I always try to tell her that it would be so much easier to just call me. After I ignore her for a while she will finally call me and say "didn't you get my texts?" uh. so annoying. I found your blog from i heart single parents. I will be back to visit!


Anonymous said...

When phone conversation usually ends with him hanging up on you or screaming obscenities, I find text messaging to be heaven. That way, I can always have the last word. Mispelled verbal abuse and threats are always eaiser to take via text messaging, and can be supoenaed by the courts for evidence.

Katherine said...

Ms. Single mama,
Why didn't I remember that one... I have also had guys to ask me out via text message... and yes that is lame... thanks for adding that one!

I have a relative (remaining nameless...) that will have an entire conversation, including an argument over text message... I can totally relate to you on this one.

I can appreciate preferring to read those obscenities as opposed to having to 'listen' to them over a phone call. Case in point text is better if conflict will result in the communication.

Thanks everyone for your insight and additions on this one! You all are great!

Leah said...

hey Katherine, this is my first time visiting your blog! It's awesome. I totally agree with these guidelines you provided. I am a former anti-texter now turned text-maniac so I need some help keeping it under control.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

and no texting after 9 pm. Seriously. Some of us like to go to bed at a decent hour. 9 pm is the cut off for calls and texts in my book. Unless someone's dying. But then, call, don't text.

dadshouse said...

"If you haven’t spoken to someone in months/years/decades – do not reconnect by sending them a text message. " - this is too funny. I have ex-girlfriends text me all the time. Like, as soon as they break up with a guy, they text me to see what I'm doing, whether I'm dating, whether I want to meet for a drink or hookup. It's amazing!

It's certainly not a gender thing. A generational thing maybe?

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