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May 15, 2009

Saturday Catch Up...

Jshower   E. bday016-b

Remember the ?  Well I haven't shared my events from last weekend, including that party we were planning and a wedding shower Kass and I attended at 1:00 PM that same day before going back to have the party for my niece at my house.

Ok this above is the centerpiece on our table at the shower... and the whole theme (beach theme) was decorated so well.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's my best friend's () - son that is getting married.  I am so proud of him... not because he is about to get married but because he is such a great guy and she is a very lucky lucky girl.  His fiance is actually my kiddos' cousin on my X's side of the family.... which made going to the shower (and later in July going to the wedding) a little on the weird side... but we were fine and it really did go well.  I am not sure if any of her family even spoke to my daughter... but that's ok.  I get it.

Now Kass of course wanted to use my camera at both the shower and at the party... so I will show you a couple of her shots... but the one at top was mine.... and here is another of mine of her in the Infinity with me... one day last weekend.

Jshower   E. bday002-b

She had gotten her decorations you see here at school for being in the top scores on their S.O.L.'s last year at her school.  I know she is going to be a heart-breaker some day... huh.?

...and now the party..... from Kass' perspective. (Oh, further note, there were no real poop games; my sis had nothing to worry about!):

Jshower   E. bday047

Jshower   E. bday056

Jshower   E. bday048

Jshower   E. bday050

Jshower   E. bday057

This is the card Kass made for Emily just before the party began to go with our gift.  Here Emily is "reading" it.

Find yourself...keeping it real.

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