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Jul 27, 2009

Six Month Anniversary


images -6 Should I be sharing some of those sweet nothings between Mr. M. and me right here in the public eye for the whole wide world of a web to see?

Well in keeping it real, why not?

Recently, I asked him, "How long have we been dating now?"

"Six months," he answered.  I knew how long it had been... but it meant a great deal to me that he had kept up with it as well. 

Feel Like Dancing

"You make me feel like dancing" comes to mind sometimes when I think about being with him, while at other times I think, "What am I doing in a serious relationship?  Is this real?" And yes, I still wonder that six months in. 

Here we are: two single parents finding our way in this journey of "trying again" at a sincere relationship.  We have our moments when we get flustered with each other, mostly over being able to communicate something to the other or when a miscommunication occurs in that process.  So I am not going to tell you it's all sweet nothings and dances. 

There are also moments when I get tongue-tied trying to introduce him to people I know.  We go to events together and I just end up with the witty and bright "This is (Mr. M.) and his two boys." (I do say his real name btw.)  But I haven't figured out if I should say, he's my boyfriend, my significant other, my current relationship dude... or what to relay the proper adult dating etiquette.  Any suggestions?  So for now, I just say, "This is (his name here)."  And that way I just let them put 2 and 2 together or let them continue to wonder as we walk away.

But the more time I spend with him, getting to know him; the more I like being around him.  He proves this to me over and over again with his amazing flexibility and calm attitude about things. Blending families brings chaos and his ability to keep his cool through some of those inevitable circumstances has won him major brownie points, time and time again.

The Gift of Presence

One thing about relationships - (and I am still learning about how to make them work, let me tell you) - I have learned of late, is the chill time.  This is time when Mr. M. and I can just sit down together, watch a news show and comment to each other or blow it into a full intense discussion about what's going on in the world; or just sit and enjoy a documentary on the Discovery Channel about ocean life where we don't talk; but every once in a while steal a glance at each other and smile.  These are times when we are relaxing with nothing on the agenda regarding kiddos, work, or other projects around either house and we can just enjoy each other's presence.

So there you have it.... we have been dating (OR as Mr. M. corrects me... "in a relationship") for six months now and I think for me that is a recordI hadn't even dated my X four consecutive months before we were engaged... but that is another story for another day.


Now that Mr. M. and I are getting serious... he does, sometimes, called me little nicknames. like: "s.p." which stands for 'shopping partner' or candy.

But the other night, it was a game night before vacation and my kids, Mr. M., and I were playing Pictionary.    We all love games and I have been told I am a little on the competitive side... ok... maybe.... just a little.

In the game, Kass was my partner and Jas and Mr. M. were on a team.  Mr. M. and Jas continued to beat us... beat us bad; and I was having a hard time guessing from Kass' drawings... and we needed some more points.  One time I told her she could have drawn this or that... instead.... in an effort to help her see the word in a different way.... to be helpful of course for next time.  She said something in response... and ended it with, "hon"; to which I said (smiling)... "No you didn't... just call me 'hon.'"  Then Mr. M. chimed in.... "More like 'Attila the Hun.'"

Great... so now I guess this is just another nickname... more of our 'sweet nothings' to remember.

Find yourself... (as Attila the Hun) keeping it real.


Anonymous said...

ooooh congrats - 6 months IS a long time! I'm in the same boat as far as getting tongue-tied when it comes to introductions - never quite know what to say. But if he considers you to be in a relationship, then he'll probably prefer you to introduce him as your boyfriend!

Hmmm.... my boss calls me Attilla the Hun. Not my favorite pet name ;)

T said...

Love this post! We're 6 months in too and dealing with the same things!

susan said...

boyfriend sounds kind of...teenagerish. Parner sounds clinical. significant other sounds waaay to serious...date sounds temporary.
it's a problem alright.
I have one friends who refers to her..man (oops another describing word!) as her sweetie. another says her honey. guess you have to be pretty comfortable to use that kind of language. but I kind of like it.

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