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Jul 29, 2009


. and I went to our first wedding together this past weekend.  One of my best friends - her son got married.  (Side note: He married my X's cousin.)  The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It all turned out as they planned, great weather, no real glitches and it all happened right on the very campus where I work every day.  (It truly is a beautiful campus at the state office where I work.)

wedding - baptism019-blog

I helped serve the two families and the wedding party at the rehearsal dinner Friday night.  I was nervous about seeing my X's extended family, but it went great and everyone was kind.  I spoke at length with the bride's mom at the wedding the next day and it was like we were long lost friends.  I was pleased with how it all went.

But it's not all about me...(even though the last four sentences all began with "I") the wedding overall was so wonderful and the bride and groom were happy and that's what matters.  The mother of the groom was also happy and exhausted following the event.

Being at the wedding got me wondering.... you know... will I ever get married again?  Watching as the bride walks down the aisle and while everyone celebrates this new union, you can't help but think about stuff like that.

No worries, Mr. M. I am not in any hurry.  Seriously, I am enjoying having a relationship - with no pressure for more right now.  I know it takes work to find that place of peace and contentment with "where you are" in life, enjoying it... and not always looking for something you don't have.  Getting into that place... that is success.

But on that note, even though the wedding I attended was great - and it was with a capital G, it wasn't quite as "unique" as this wedding march... check out this you-tube video of "Jill and Kevin's Big Day".

(Now, before you do, don't forget to enter the CONTEST for the Free Wii and Wii Fit.  The last day to enter is getting close!  Friday, July 31 is the deadline. Click this link and enter today.)

And back to weddings, If I ever have another one.....I might want to do something like this.... maybe. (OK, now watch the YouTube video.)

Find yourself... keeping it real.

1 comment:

Angie Marion said...

I was married once and I am in no hurry either. :-)

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