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Jul 7, 2008

Keith's Beamer!

DSCF0673 Yes, one of my best friends bought a new BMW. Sleek silver, and what a ride!  Now officially one of my "bestest" best friends, he let me DRIVE IT!  Oh my and drive it or 'push' it we did.  I didn't get it as fast as he did on the interstate, but it was still awesome to drive it. 

The seats just envelope you like they are holding you, even caressing you, just like a glove. Yeah, hard to tell I like the car, huh?  Well it was one of those thrilling moments in life, sharing a new experience and enjoying the newness of the purchase along with a friend.  What good is it to buy a new BMW if you don't have someone to oooo and aaaah about it, right!?  That's what I am here for - I will give you the ooohs and the aaaahs....

So if you have something you want to show off, just bring it my way.  I will let you know if it was worth your money and your time.... I will give you the "satisfaction of a reaction!"

Oh and by the way, it may require I get in the driver's seat though,DSCF0679 even if you do think I have to take off my heels to drive it! Right, Keith? lol.... yeah.... Thanks again Keith for the nice drive!  Your car is SWEET and PHAT.... or whatever the current term for awesome is these days.   ;)

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