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Jul 8, 2008



Ok maybe the guys won't know what I mean when I say I got some much needed Hairapy last night, but the women reading this will!  I ended up with something different at the hair salon, something I have wanted to do with my hair and finally did it.  Getting my hair done is always a treat for me, a way to pamper myself; it just makes me feel good.  (Well if you have a good stylist, this is the case; but if you can't trust what they will do to your hair, it could be the opposite and just a stressful experience.) So if you are having a bad week - or just a stressful week, getting your hair done has a way of providing that much need hairapy/therapy for anyone.  Or maybe it's just a girl thing.

I have always been a brunette.  And I do love being a brunette (no offense to you blondes).  In the past I have gotten low lights in a violet hew and one other time I got a caramel mixed in with the violet.  But last night I got blonde highlights!  Now I know what you are thinking, "Big Deal!" right? But this is a big deal to me.  At least it's a different 'look' for me.  I have dark brown hair and the blonde is quite the contrast.  But thankfully, the new hair stylist I tried out last night did a great job with making it subtle, yet noticeable. (I know new style and new hairstylist; I was being brave!)  Anyway I hope everyone will like it.  My daughter likes the look and my son, wouldn't ever know the difference anyway :(. 

Now, the test will be to wait and see if the girls at work notice and hear what they think. I can't wait to hear their reaction!  Ok, girls, I am waiting....

1 comment:

Trish said...

Ok....where's the pic...I want to see...and this is totally a big deal!!! I'm excited for you.

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