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Jun 24, 2008

The Falls of Alta Mons


My new take on being single? Well here's a little enlightenment, it's not so bad!

This past weekend I enjoyed a brief 'getaway' with my kids and my camping trip001sister and her family. We ended up camping in their popup at Camp Alta Mons.... a beautiful campsite run by a Methodist church organization near Shawsville.

The weather wasn't bad, a couple thunderstorms, but they didn't spoil our fun. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire; enjoyed grand feasts of meatballs and pork chops  and even eggs, ham, biscuits and gravy for breakfast! Besides all the good food (Thanks, Fran!) we enjoyed time together as a camping trip003family, my kids and my sister's girls looked for "critters" in the creek bed and the adults just enjoyed the peace and quiet, non-agenda, unrushed moments of the weekend.

The hike on Sunday morning was interesting and tiring. I hadn't taken a two hour hike in a while and I could tell. Once we made it up the side of the mountain and reached the falls though, it was so worth it. But you know what was even more worth it? I didn't want to climb camping trip006the rest of the rocks to reach the actual falls once we got that far.... I could see it, take a picture, so that was enough for me. The kids, my sister and her husband all moved on up the rocks and made their way to sit right at the foot of the falls itself. Well of course, they continued to "encourage" me to come on the rest of the way; and sincerely and tiredly I was content with how far I had made it... so I wasn't going any further. Then my brother-in-law said, Come on, Jason and I will help you. (Jason is my son) Jason then continued the banter, Come on mom... camping trip008come on... as he came back down the rocks to take my hand, "I came passed bees for you, mom, you have to come." You know, that statement may not bring tears to your eyes, or move you in any way as you read this; but that statement from my thirteen year old son meant the world to me. He hates bees :) so I knew that he truly wanted me to join him. 

Sometimes I doubt the relationship, the bond my son and I have... I don't give it the credit that it's due. I let myself "worry" that I am losing my baby boy that wouldn't let me go each morning in the cafeteria of his kindergarten because he had to have.... "one more kiss mommy, just one more kiss." Those days are gone with this thirteen year old changing every day; he is already taller than me! He is becoming his own person, and my influence, I can only pray, has taken root and somehow been a good one over the years.

camping trip013 And guess what? I did join him. I took his hand and let him and my brother-in-law help me the rest of the way up the rocks where I took these shots. 

Thanks Jason, for braving the "bees" to help me up the rocks, a little bit farther into your world that day, to see it from where you stood, to take a chance and risk the slip on the rocks, just to be a little closer to you. It was what I needed to hear, for camping trip012what I needed to do for that moment. And sure I will never forget the falls; but I will also never forget the sound of my son's words and the sincere thrill of taking  that chance.

Such is life, we don't forget the 'falls' - they happen to all of us... but nothing can replace the thrill of taking that chance.... at something new...... in the life of camping trip015 being single.


Trish said...

WOW!! Definitly have me in tears right now...your words are powerful....got me thinking

Ms. Single Mama said...

You said it! Being single - and embracing it - is truly liberating. Even in relationships need to do it.

What an amazing trip. Awesome photographs.

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