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Oct 2, 2008


Clarity, Peace, Serenity.  That's what I received by giving my sister her own birthday present this weekend.  We had so much fun and I found how very relaxing the art of painting can be.  As we painted we reminisced of watching Bob Ross on TV growing up at our grandmother's house with our mom and granny.  Mary told me how much she enjoyed the class; I enjoyed it too.  We both came away with a present for her birthday.  Here is my product of the Bob Ross painting class taught by Ed Gowan

How did I do?

ross painting by Kathy

PHOTO Credit: photograph of my painting from the Bob Ross Painting class at home in my dining room.

What do you do for relaxation? 

Have you tried any new hobbies lately?

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(I have been trying to come up with a new sign off slogan... any comments/likes/dislikes on this one?)  Please leave your feedback :)



dadshouse said...

Nice painting! My mom is an art teacher, but I never could paint. Both my brothers can. Go figure.

I dressed up like Bob Ross for Halloween once. Everyone thought I was Howard Stern! (The big hair)

He was amazing, how he could make whispy chimney smoke with a flick of his brush or scalpel.

For relaxation, I cycle. have a great weekend!

Trish said...

Nice painting - that's one of my favorite things/hobbies that I have but don't do much anymore -- I love to scrap book and other things for hobbies but life seems way to hectic for me right now to have a hobby and if I did well that would just lead to an argument - so I know I need some me time scheduled. Great blog - and great painting.

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