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Aug 25, 2008

School Days and MORNING Routines

Well school will be starting for my children the day after we return from vacation.  Yes, that's right, the very next day.  We have a completely new schedule for our morning routine as well because the district school system here changed the middle schools from starting at 7:00 last year to  starting at 8:47 am this year.  (Yes, that is correct from the letter I received, it is not 8:45 or 8:50 but 8:47 that they will have to be in their seats and the second bell will ring for the day to begin.) 

Last year our routine was early (too early) but smooth.  My son and I were the first to get up and he had to be at the bus stop at 6:45 am.  He didn't take long to get ready and eat breakfast, so we managed with many times getting up about 6:15 or 6:20 and we faired well.  After getting him out of the door I got my daughter up and she was able to get ready (without her brother being in the way) and then we left about 7:40 to get her to school and then I went on to work. 

This year, Kass has to be at school earlier with the new schedule and she will be getting up first.  I will be taking her to school about 7:20 am and then will come all the way back home to get my son ready to catch his bus and hope he doesn't miss it since I have to leave for work before he has to catch the bus.  This makes me concerned, but we will work through it.

What about your morning routine? 
Do you have any special tips you've learned for getting two in different age ranges ready for school and out the door in the mornings without a major hassle every day? 
How do you make sure your teens get on the bus in the morning, if you have to leave them before they get on the bus?
Photo Credit: http://fecdiarist.files.wordpress.com
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