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Aug 26, 2008

3:00 AM and All is Quiet

Well it's three AM and I am awake so I thought I would share a few words before going back to bed.  I got tired by 10:00 PM so I went to bed early and let the kids sit up and watch TV and play on video games.  They are old enough now that I can do that... leave them to tend to themselves for a little while.  I guess I am realizing just how much they are growing up.  I have two little people, not babies any more.  (Ok they will always be my babies.)

I want to become more aware of that, though, so I don't let these moments with them pass me by and wonder where they went.  They are growing so fast and change every day.  My son is becoming a young man, and in just five short years will be heading off to college.  My daughter is also getting taller and more mature.  It's hard for me to accept how quickly the years will pass and they will continue to not require "mom's help" as much over time. 

But with that awareness I want to enjoy this week, their last week before they head back to school and we all get wrapped up into the hectic busyness of our routine.  When we return I will be able to share more details and definitely pictures to spell out the story of our week long adventure.  For me, just the time away from our "world" is a thrill and I love the sense of relaxation and taking in each moment as it comes.... Hopefully with this time away, inspiration will hit me and I will be able to come back with many anecdotes and glimpses of our world during the trip... So stay tuned for more...... and very soon perhaps I can also share more about a new guy in my life.  Maybe ;)

Photo Credit:  http://farm1.static.flickr.com/


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

new guy? huh? spill it!!!

Maddy said...

Yes we have people rather than babies too - very sobering. Glad I'm not the only one awake in the wee small hours. I suspect that many bloggers are!
Best wishes

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