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Aug 4, 2008


images notebookRecently I was added to Alltop.com.  First I want to tell them thank you, I am honored. Next while I am posting this I want to check to see if I have been deleted by any chance, lol.

Ok, sigh of relief, I am still there, and not at the very bottom any more!  Well you know I must be doing SOMETHING right if Alltop.com thinks it's cool, right!?  I also had a comment left on my blog recently by another blogging reference site, http://www.m80parents.blogspot.com.  They list blogs of parents in different walks of life and highlight them.  I send thanks out to them as well.

Most of all, thanks to all who stop by and read my blog, especially those that post comments from time to time.  I enjoy the feedback.  When you get a minute, rate my blog as well (blogged rate  link, bottom right column).  My plans are to list my characters by reference and description soon, for those following my story as it unfolds each day of my life, so you can feel a little more connected and make it easier to keep up.  Well let me know if you enjoy reading... remember I love the feedback.  More postings very soon. I promise!

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