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Sep 9, 2008

Disheartened for Depot Dad

I have made some wonderful friends in the blogosphere.  This communal tribe of sorts that we have created has no real boundaries but we envelope each other's worlds and provide support to one another via this virtual blogdom.  The Internet allows for some freedom and liberty to be transparently yourself uninhibited at times, because you get to sit behind a monitor to share your thoughts, your dreams, your drama and your trouble.  But as you share these things you can't help but get close to others sharing their hurts and their hearts.

One of my new found heroes in the single parenting blogosphere, Jim (or Depot Dad to some) has been diagnosed with a nasty, disheartening "c" word.  He has melanoma, stage III.  He has a long year of treatments ahead, and a battle that he must endure.  Having survived many trials,  I know he can conquer this one as well. 

I am praying for him.  I am supporting him with shared positive thoughts.  I have cried tears for him.  Even though we only chat via blog posts, emails, and occasionally by phone, I feel a sense of pain on his behalf, a sadness in this time of shock.  It has made me take a closer look at my own vulnerable humanity.  We are all susceptible to sickness and disease.  Jim is only a few years older than me, so the "c" word has no respect for age.  It also has no respect for financial status nor success.  It just shows up at your door sometimes, always uninvited and unwelcome.  So on his behalf I will be reaching for the One who truly knows no boundaries, who knows no limitations, the One who provides strength when our strength is all gone.  Christ is the answer, if we will ask Him. 

Jim, I am praying His Spirit will be walking with you through this as another member of that newly created cancer support team.  I know He can be your comfort each day and during each trying treatment over this next year.  My prayer is that God will direct the orchestra of doctors to develop the best treatment scenario possible for your case. With you all the way over there in California, I can't be there to touch your hand, but perhaps He can touch your heart as I reach out for you and pray for this peace to come.

So as you start your day, say a prayer for Jim as he faces more of these  and more of these in the coming weeks.  And take a minute to leave him a word of encouragement on his blog.

Photo Credit: http://flickr.com/photos/49968232@N00/376662134


Trish said...

I hate the "c" word - it's that dreaded word in my mind that brings me back to Labor Day weekend 5 years ago - and then to the next 90 days of torment and pain and suffering - until December 3 - which ironically is a day I don't think I will ever forget - but pray for God to take out of my mind daily - I will definitly be praying for Jim.

T said...

What a sweet prayer and tribute. He is definitely in our prayers too!!

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