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Sep 2, 2008

Over 1100 Miles Later, We're BACK....

Kassity in the bubbles room... at Wonder WorksI am so proud... I drove over one thousand, one hundred miles since last Monday morning!  A true record for me.  Perhaps I can even go so far as to say a benchmark in my solomomdom, because one of the hurdles I had to get over being a single parent was traveling alone with the kids.  I had never done it prior to the separation and it was awkward at first.  Now having done it for years and especially with this last week's mileage under my belt, I think I consider myself a pro.  I don't love to drive - but I do love road trips so we took two on our last week's vacation. One to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN during the first part of the week and then we drove down to Virginia Beach to camp out for the last part of the week and Labor day weekend. 

Now I have missed you guys and my blog... but 10 days away from your world is definitely highly recommended by me.  Some time away from the computer/Internet, phones, and television is worth it and I even put my watch away during the last few days of my trip while we camped at Virginia Beach!  I have sooooo much to share, some funny anecdotes and much more later this week.  But for today, I am playing catchup in a lot of ways so I wanted to post a few pictures to give you some idea of our week long journey. 000_0028   000_0031

Here are a couple from Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge.  This is an interactive museum.  My kids love this place and so do I - but plan to spend hours when you go- because that's how long you will want to be there..with so much to do.


And here they are at the top of the oldest light house on the East Coast.  This one 000_0095is no longer used and sits on the Army base at Virginia Beach.  You can see the modern day replacement in the background out the window.





And here is the ocean from my spot... sitting on the sand... loving every moment in the sun... watching the waves roll in.... aaaah nice.








Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

We did 1200 this summer too and it's liberating... we've only ever done a big trip like that once before adn that was to Panama City for my brother's wedding. But as they get older, it gets easier!

Glad you had a great time!

cathouse teri said...

Oh my goodness gracious! You were in Virginia Beach and I didn't know it? We coulda met for lunch! Sheesh!

I'm a seasoned traveler. Driving 1500 miles (750 each way) to take my kids to see their grandparents was a common thing when they were growing up. Then they got old enough to fly there on their own. WHOA! What a day that was when I had to LET GO to that degree. Putting all three of my children on a plane without me! Life is full of milestones, eh?

Katherine said...

Teri! I didn't think to look to see if any fellow bloggers were in the area... - well planning to go again next year... so maybe we can plan something! ;)

Thanks Heather and Teri for stopping by...

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