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Sep 11, 2008

Soggy Socks & Water Parks

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.   And this one is as well, but I still felt inclined to give you a lead in.

The resort where we stayed in TN had an indoor water park.  Very cool, as you see here:

 000_0005 jas slide blog

And here:

000_0011 kass water park blog

No doubt, the kids had a blast here on vacation.  But one night, while the kids played on the water slides, in the pools, and in the fountain, this group came in -mostly adults.   They all put their stuff down on one of the tables and slipped off their shirts and shoes to walk over to the hot tub to get in.  

000_0064Well.... all but one guy.  One of the couples in the group looked old enough to be this guy's parents, but for the most part he looked ok and he was probably in his twenties.  So if he had something wrong with him I am not making fun... only sharing the moment.  Anyway, when all the rest took off their shirts and shoes he took of his shirt and proceeded to walk over in swim trunks, SOCKS AND SHOES and got IN the hot tub!  Not kidding.... so here's a pic I took later has he moved from one of the pools back to the hot tub.  I caught this shot while Kass modeled to allow me my opportunity.  000_0074 kass w soggy socks

Can you make him out on the right? 

... and here is a close up, socks, shoes and all!:

000_0074soggy socks blog

Hey, you have to admit.... that is funny!

Photo Credits:  ME!

000_0067 kass fav blog cropped

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T said...

Cute!!! ha ha ha! Did he swim in those too?

Katherine said...

Yes he did!

dadshouse said...

One time my kids and I were out house hunting, and we visited a home with a pool. My then 4-year-old son wanted to see if it was heated, so he dipped his foot in - with his shoes and socks on. Doh! He had to walk barefoot through other homes that day.

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