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Oct 10, 2008

ER-Log #2 Her Hero

I was so proud when Kass said, "Mom I wrote a paper on my hero, and guess who it is?"  I about cried when she said "I wrote it on Jesus."  The following was done completely on her own - her idea and her thoughts about Him.  Oh and remember, she attends a public school, not a private school.  So I know this is not something that was "encouraged" by her teachers.  Brave girl and oh so sweet.

Just wanted to share another Er-log below with her permission and a notation that this is her first draft:

Kass Hero Erlog


Trish said...

Oh my goodness -- that is so awesome! Kass is a great writer. I'm sure your a proud mom because of what she wrote to...it touched my heart - made me cry!
Thanks for sharing!

Katherine said...

Thanks Trish. Yes I am very proud. I think she enjoys writing already, almost as much as her mom :)

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