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Nov 17, 2008

Recent Mug Shot

mug shot 006

This is my latest mug shot.  And of course I have a little story to tell behind it.  See those cracks?  Yeah they weren't there when I borrowed it from Kass.  It's her mug and she knew she could trust me with it so she let me use it one day to take some hot cider to work.  At least she thought so.

Who knew there was a thin metallic film beneath this outside orange layer!?  I wanted to heat up the "hot" cider when I arrived at work... and put the mug in the microwave.  After a few seconds of this:


I got it back out and panic-stricken because.... Kass' mug will never be the same. 

Sorry Kass. I really didn't know.  Really didn't know that when they say they are insulated, that it could be metallic insulation they use. 

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Photo Credit: http://www.pedestrian.tv/uploads/images/blogs/4830d28bc8e95/sparks.jpg
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