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Dec 15, 2008

Age Smartly for Christmas

Fighting it EVERY Step

As the year draws closer to an end, I realize in only three short months I will be turning another year older, another year mature, another year… young?! Well I am still in my thirties but I am fighting aging every step of the way. One way I do it is through skin care. There are a few products I have come to depend on and appreciate the way they treat my skin. But recently I found some new products and volunteered to try them and write a review. Which ones did I chose? Well the “age smartly” products, of course.

SkinCare Rx

Skin Care Rx sent me some samples and I have been trying them; most of them were nightly treatments. I had more than one that fights aging in your sleep and I am a firm believer (no pun intended) that one usually has more success with these kinds of products when you consistently use them over time so you can see results. Overnight success stories have yet to come my way when it comes to reducing fine lines and a few wrinkles. (Hey, I don’t have that many!)

  • One night I tried NEOVA Retinal ME with vitamin A. This one has become my favorite. Again, it’s not because I can tell much success so early in using the product, but because of the way it makes my skin feel when I put it on. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the skin AND my face was noticeably softer soon after application. This one is recommended to be used once or twice a week…. And I plan to continue using it.
  • Another night I used M2 HP Skin Refinish. This one left a very slight tingling sensation upon application. Now I am sure that actually means it is working, so I wasn’t alarmed, but it also left a sticky feeling to the touch of my face. Perhaps I just used too much. Less is more is a good rule of thumb to also remember when applying creams to your face.
  • One more product I tried was their Dermalogica (Age Smart) dynamic skin recovery spf 30 as a morning moisturizer under my makeup. I was so impressed. I usually have to add an oil mattifier from Mary Kay to my routine just before applying makeup so that my shiny nose and forehead don’t show off by the end of my workday. But when using this moisturizer, I tried eliminating my mattifier and was pleasantly surprised to find that this moisturizer kept the shine away all by itself.

Well there you go: my recent exploration of some new anti-aging products. All in all time will tell, but I was impressed with this Neova Retinal and the Age Smart moisturizer even upon my initial trial.

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Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget your own stocking when playing Santa this year!

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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