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May 26, 2009

Finding Something Close to Utopia


Have you ever heard about a community that sounds too good to be true?  You know, where they say you can live with a feeling of complete security, a sense of belonging, and a sense of community.  A place where there is plenty of entertainment right there inside your neighborhood, a pool and a game room included.  I heard something like that advertised on the radio one time and thought - I want to live there - only to find out they were advertising !  Oh great, I'm too young!

But it does make you think - those who are wanting have it made...

It's tough considering "new living situations" for your parents.  I know when my mom became ill I had this conversation way too many times with my sister and my brother.  So it's tough to even broach the subject at times.  But finding the right type of retirement home has been made a little easier at least for places in Canada with the website, www.senioropolis.com.  Now if you are interested in the , that would be the website to checkout. 

Talking about retirement living isn't easy, but if you can find some nice options that sound - too good to be true... even for us young people, it makes it much easier. 

Because of my sister's diligence and sacrifice, she chose to take care of my mom till the end.  But not everyone is able to make that commitment for so many reasons.  I know I couldn't have taken on that responsibility had my sister chosen not to.  It just wasn't possible with my current situation at that time.  So for people like me, I know there are ways to find retirement communities and retirement residences through websites like www.senioropolis.com or through your local social services representatives.

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