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Jun 1, 2009

She Had a Blast... Then... Sick Happened

Well I had lots of plans for the weekend.  I was going to let the kids spend some time with friends Friday night, Saturday Kass was going to take a friend to the Girls Jamboree (an event at the state campus where I work)... and following that I was having the whole crew back at my house for water games and hotdogs and strawberry cake.  The whole crew was to be Mr. M. and his boys, my kiddos, my sister and her husband and three girls. 

But here's what happened.

 jamboree 09014 - K-g b

 jamboree 09001 - b kass on slipslide

jamboree 09018

jamboree 09026 k face cheese-b

Yes she will kill me for this one.... her and her nachos.

jamboree 09032 purse -b

jamboree 09038 - purse done both-b

We got through with Jamboree and Kass - as you can see - had a wonderful time.   Then when I took her friend home... and got back home myself... I was not only exhausted from the full day of fun but the tickle that started in my throat on Friday turned into a full-fledge soar throat that was throbbing and I ended up in the bed... achy, feverish and with no energy for a house full of guests.

After resting Saturday evening and all day Sunday... I am back on my feet.  I am also a little sad that I had to disappoint Mr. M. and my sister's family on Saturday... but what can you do, right?

Oh well, sometimes I try to plan toooooo much even for a busy bee like me.  But the weekend wasn't a total bomb. 

Just a quick reminder.... you have a couple more days before I draw a name on Freebies from comments.  So stop by there if you haven't yet.

Find yourself... keeping it real.

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