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Dec 11, 2009

Thirty Minutes for Christmas

What would you do with an extra thirty minutes? 

896943-xs There was a news article on the website “Linked In” with this title that got my attention.  Especially during this time of year, we all know how busy things get.  Between parties, dinners, shopping, choir cantatas, school programs, baking, decorating… the list is endless.  I know I would love to have a few hours extra in the days during the month of December.  So when I read that line I wondered… what would I do if I was given an extra thirty minutes during this season.

Now the author listed several things, some of which were:

  1. Call a friend
  2. Catch up on the news
  3. promote your business
  4. Walk the dog

Those are all good… but if I got an extra thirty minutes… of free time… with no strings attached,

I would







write out a list of all the things I needed to do during my regular hours for the Christmas season, so I could get organized and check them off!

What would you do with an extra thirty minutes this Christmas?

Remember Jesus is the “reason for the season!”

Find yourself…keeping it real.

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1 comment:

Flory said...

I would write and read. Those are the things that relax me.

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