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Jan 15, 2010

Helping Haiti… It’s Not About Our Economy

Well I am working from home today because my oldest is sick with a stomach virus.  I went in to the office for a while this morning to pick up some work and make sure some projects would still get out in my absence and now I am settled back at home working on our office’s new redesigned website as we push towards a go-live date of February 1.

This week has been busy and I still need to prepare those posts on my article about creating your budget.  Still planning to get to that this weekend.  In the meantime… I wanted to post a few words about what was going on in my world. 

Sometimes getting so focused on my own world I lose sight of all that is in the news and the media.  But Haiti definitely got my attention as my heart went out to those people dealing with devastation around them at an extreme degree.  My prayers go out for them and my thoughts are with them as we plan at our state office for a coordinated effort to raise funds for sending containers of supplies to those in need.  There are plenty of ways you can donate and help, just confirm the source of help before simply givingimage your money, however.  If you or read Seth Godin’s blog yesterday you saw where he referenced a cool way to contribute while getting a T-shirt in the process encouraging others to give.  And obviously anything you give to www.redcross.org is going to a good resource to help out Haitians. 

Now talking about finances and staying on a budget, you may wonder, “How can you ask people to give?”  Well it is definitely up to your own heart and budget what you can give.  But remember sacrificing something you would have bought with that five dollars or 20 dollars… to give to those who need it following a devastating catastrophe will make you know you did something for the right reasons.  (Even if my son said… with the economy the way it is, President Obama is going to give how much from the U.S.?)  But we do have to step up and take care of our fellow man in time of need, don’t we?

Well Jas is up and moving around… so I probably once again need to focus on things closer to home…as in right here at home.  But leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. 

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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