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Jan 23, 2010

The Mysterious Box

1084630_question_mark_1I was in my normal position of relaxing on the couch.  Only this time my knees were up closer to my chest  as I halfway stretched out on the sofa.  I was falling asleep while my head bobbed to the right but I was trying to stay awake.  My back was against Mr. M.  He touched my hand, then he pulled my legs toward his lap as if he was going to allow them to hang over his knees.  It didn’t seem to startle me that it would mean I would have to turn a good 180 degrees to place my legs this way, since he was behind me.

The dogs were barking in the front yard, or at least one dog, Jovi was barking.  I heard her which was followed by the front door opening.  This was weird since I keep the front door’s deadbolt locked all the time; we go in and out the back door.  But even with the ruckus I wasn’t phased by this.  I was still turned away from the door, aware of Mr. M, but only slightly as I was about to doze and fall into a deep sleep. 

After the door opened I heard a large thump as if a heavy box had been dropped in a hurry to bring it in.  That startled me.  My kiddos’ voices rang out with the bustle of moving the box inside.

Something inside me stirred. I knew my kiddos were not supposed to be home; it was their dad’s weekend to have them. 

Then I woke up. 

This had all been a dream.

I had been asleep, having a dream about me falling asleep, no doubt. 

After cleaning house Saturday morning, I settled on the couch to read a book and fell asleep… by myself.  This was my me-time.

Jovi was barking outside, that much was true.  But I was the only one there, on the couch, with my book, wondering… what might have been inside that box.

What do you think could have been in that box?

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit: http://www.sxc.hu/svilen001
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