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Feb 2, 2010

Gutsy Gus and Staying on Track

It’s already February and my monthly missions are in full swing. 

January’s Mission

January I wanted to focus on finances, better spending habits, and possible ways to supplement my income.  I shared tips with my readers about and were even highlighted on another blog resource. 


I also joined a freelance website where you establish a profile and test your skills to add to your credibility.  Once you get setup with all their qualifiers, you can bid on jobs as a provider.  I hope to finish my profile soon and take a stab at this for some extra writing jobs. We shall see how that works out. The site is www.Elance.com.

Miracle in Sumatra

imageIn the midst of my monthly missions I am also still reviewing books as they are sent to me free to read and share a review.  The latest is a children’s story. Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus by Jeanne McNaney.  This is a cute story about an orangutan and a little girl and their adventure when a hunter takes the orangutan's parents. An angel that looks over the jungle helps them by turning the little girl into an orangutan so she can assist her new little furry friend with the challenge of finding his parents.  The story and it's deeper meaning about taking care of animals and their well being is a good story to share with children and I would recommend it.  The artwork is excellent and will keep your child’s attention throughout the book.

About the Author (as quoted from the publisher):

Jeanne currently resides in Old Greenwich, Conn., with her husband and three young children. Her first children’s book, “The Legend of Honey Hollow” (Ovation Books, January 2009), introduces children to environmentalism... She has served on the board of Pathways, Inc., which provides housing for mentally ill adults. She currently sits on the board of governors for the We Are Family Foundation and is an active volunteer with the Old Greenwich School.


Title: “Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus”
Author: Jeanne McNaney
Publisher:  Ovation Books
Publisher website: www.ovationbooks.net
Book website: www.joeypublishing.com
Category: Children’s picture book
Date of publication: October 2009
ISBN-13:  978-0-9814534-6-0

I have a few others I am currently reading and will share their reviews here soon. 

But now on to my next .  For February the focus is… Do you remember?

More on February’s mission coming soon…

Find yourself… keeping it real.

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