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Nov 18, 2019

Diatomaceous Earth - My new miracle mineral for yeast infections

You may think I am crazy.  I am moving toward a more natural way of life and enjoying all the research and all the knowledge that I am gaining through the experience.  Some people just don't understand those of us changing our routines and our habits to ensure a more healthy beneficial lifestyle.

But I don't think I am crazy.

And those ladies that have ever experienced a yeast infection. Stay tuned - you will want to read on about my recent find, my recent miracle mineral.

Diatomaceous Earth

It's like gold if you have ever experienced a painful yeast infection that got way out of hand.  I have repeatedly experienced these and begrudgingly take the prescription flouritcian.... each time.  That was until I got my last one.  I was tired of taking those meds and tired of dealing with the symptoms and wanted to dig deeper to find what was the root cause of their persistent return.

That's where the research came in.

And thanks to this wonderful healthy blogger, Wellness Mama and more and more research, I was able to find a healthy natural recourse.

When I found out about diatomaceous earth, I researched it to the point of wanting to try it confidently.  I bought some and tried a teaspoon in a glass of water 3 hours after I had my last meal and voila... I had relief.  I mean like that same evening I was starting to feel true relief.

So what is it?  Tiny microscopic fossilized diatoms (skeletal remains of hard shelled algae). They attract via their negative charge and then remove the yeast organisms from the body.

There is more to my story, however.  More than just diatomaceous earth.

The quick fix wasn't my only intention for retreating this persistent nuisance.  I found out through more research and helpful information from Wellness Mama what I need to include in my diet AND exclude from my diet to put the nasty yeast varmints completely at bay that were causing this problem for me.

They had gotten out of control so I was taking back control of what went in my body to keep them from "feasting" on the sugars and overpopulating.

And here I am months in to trying my new routine with no recent yeast infections.  This new routine has been excluding white sugar when possible and including probiotic full foods like kefir, sauerkraut, and probiotic supplements on a daily basis.

Writing that paragraph makes me giddy because - it was frustrating how often I was dealing with a yeast infection.

So there you have it.  Your quick fix and your mainstream maintenance routine and the resources for you to do your own research.

The battle for change is worth the end result.

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