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Mar 11, 2008

A Day in the Life

It was another conversation of the embarrassing kind. Kassity and I were watching a fav show, John & Kate Plus Eight; its about a couple whose life is broadcast on television as reality TV about raising their twins and their sextuplets. Well this particular show was about emails that came in from viewers, and they were answering them. One question was "How do John and Kate find time for intimacy?" Kate was embarrassed, and didn't want to answer. Later my daughter, Kassity asked the question, so there are two kinds of s-e-x. I said, "what?" calmly and she repeated the question. I had heard her but wanted some delay time. I had already shared with her that s-e-x, upon her inquiry weeks ago, was for married couples - when she would be much older and that it was to be within the boundary of marriage. So my mind went back to that explanation now when she asked about 2 different kinds. I said very casually, well there is s-e-x within a marriage which is right and then s-e-x outside of marriage; which is wrong. She said "so that's the one with kids." I quickly chimed back, No, no when adults are not married.... Confused, she got frustrated, "but, what about the kids?" I said, "with kids?" to her reply, "Yes like on this show!" She was getting louder and more frustrated with my explanation that was not satisfying her curiosity/inquiry. "On the show!?" I quickly looked at John and Kate and it hit me "SEXTUPLETS!" I said "Yes, they have sextuplets." She then replied, "that's the other kind of S-E-X." "Yes," I said "that's the other kind" smiling.

I was glad when that "moment " was over - but its another I will never forget. smilingly and with a chuckle - and oh so thankfully!
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