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Jul 11, 2008

Not my Tree!

www.theage.com.au/.../02/03/1107409991566.html I know the tree is over a hundred years old. I've lived next to it for 15 years. But every time a thunderstorm seems to be brewing of late, I think, “What if that tree gets hit?” So complaining about losing my electricity on my latest blog, then chatting with a new found friend, I realized how grateful I was that it was simply a temporary loss of electricity, and not damage to my house, or worse from my huge tree that could have happened. You see there were many down trees following that storm on Wednesday. All around the neighborhoods we saw them split, or branches fallen off into yards and over power lines. So it could have been my tree! But it wasn’t. And I am grateful.... a slowed reaction, but grateful.

It took me awhile, but I finally came to my senses. Remember, “Hello. My name is Kathy. I am a complainer.” But I am working on it! I am going to consider myself blessed.  I tell my kids we deal with "what is" not the "what ifs" so I am not suggesting being worried here about this tree (although, I know, when it storms it would appear I lean that way).... just grateful.

Thanks Jim, for helping me see that!

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