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Sep 22, 2008

Less is More Weekend

Wow, I am tired as I type this and reflect on this past weekend. It was a good weekend, but a busy one. I had packed way too much into one weekend, and realized this as I headed into it on Friday afternoon. Kass was going to have a friend sleepover Friday night and then we were to be at two different outings on Saturday: one at her school and another where my brother and sister-in-law would be showing his car in a car show. Following the days events on Saturday I had promised Jason he could have a friend to sleepover Saturday night. Sunday, I was scheduled to teach the children at church and then the church had our 40th anniversary picnic later in the afternoon. I was already getting tired just thinking about that non-stop schedule when I left work on Friday.

But then completely out of my control different plans began to change. I picked up Chinese food on the way home and had Kass’ friend with us already. We went home and ate dinner and then her friend started feeling homesick… so she asked if Kass could just stay at her house instead. I allowed Kass to go home with her and so that was one sleepover canceled. Jason had friends over for a little while. Then one of them invited him to stay at their house. Ok, now not only did I not have to help entertain one of her friends… but I also had the house to myself after 8 o’clock.

Saturday morning I was able to sleep-in and get ready at my own pace before I went to pick up Kass and her friends to take them to the fun day at her school. It didn’t start till 11 that morning, so I had plenty of time. Famous last words… because then, my frustration began: as I was about to walk out the door, Jas returned and said that his plans to go the tournament with his friend were falling apart. No longer did they have a ride to get there… and would I take them? What?! I was about to leave to pick up Kass and her friends and I had just enough time to get them there by 11 am when it started. Jas knew that I had made these plans and he was more than welcome to go with us to fun day… but he wanted to go to this tournament with his buddies and had made plans that his friend’s mom would take him. Now here I was with my step-by-step agenda all in place for the day, and Jas needed transportation.

So I made the quick decision to try to get them there on the way. I had him get in the car and we stopped by his buddy’s house to see if he could still go, now that they had a ride. His buddy couldn’t go. Jas decided he would call another friend, so we headed toward the tournament. That other friend wasn’t home.

See, this is why I tell him you have to make these plans in advance. But he did think his first friends’ mom was all set to take the boys. At least I guess they had discussed that with her in advance when they told me their plans… now I am not so sure….with everyone bailing out. (Yes, this is where I learned that I should have confirmed the tournament ride with the boy’s mom… ok, I realize that now.) I get closer to the tournament and the ATM where I needed to stop anyway before our planned outing. As we get closer – Jas decides he doesn’t want to go and be there without some of his friends. So you guessed it. After stopping at the ATM, I have to go “out of my way” to take him all the way back home. He didn’t want to go to the outing at his sister’s school, that was too juvenile. (He was right.) But by this time, Kass is calling me, wondering where I am, and I haven’t yet dropped off her brother! Finally after much frustration, and unnecessary gas… I get the girls to the event at their school. Even though we were late, it worked out well. We got lunch when we arrived and they got to play games and have a great time. I was stressed over nothing… once again. After such a great time here, we just skipped the car show when we realized it was to be over by 3:00 PM.

The rest of the weekend was about as planned although the other sleepover Saturday night got canceled as well. So I ended up with a much quieter house all weekend than what I expected. After a busy and stressful workweek, it was what I needed. God knew that and worked it out that way, even though I was just crazy enough before the weekend to keep adding more and more into the plans.

I did have some moments of sheer frustration, (more than one, I hate to admit, but I am not going to bore you with the bike incident at the picnic on Sunday). Regardless, I am grateful that it ended up with less to do as opposed to the more I was trying to make for myself to do. I mean what was I thinking, anyway? Overly ambitious, or overly zealous are not exactly what I need to strive for as a single mom. Just making it through the day, or the weekend is a reward for me. Less is more I always say; now I just need to remember it when planning up my weekends!

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Trish said...

I would have melted down on Friday - and everyone would have found me in the closet at the office in a corner if I had all that happen - why is it we always try to cram so much in on the weekends - every Monday I start the work week tired because of the busy weekend....maybe one day will learn, right?

T said...

Wow! Reading this was stressing me out!! At least you had some time to yourself. Unexpected "me" time is even better!

dadshouse said...

Isn't it funny how plans can change like that? Things go from overbooked to time alone to streseed to stress free, just like that.

Sounds like you survived and even enjoyed yourself!

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