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Dec 24, 2008

Christmas Present

Christmas PRESENT

Well I was right.  Life didn't keep Christmas from coming.  It's HERE!  Today is Christmas Eve and our Christmas has already been wonderful with more to come.

Sing Joy

 full choir cantata 2008

The combined choir of three different churches had three performances of our cantata "SING JOY" over the weekend that was received with standing ovations.  The last 3 months have been hard work, but it was worth it.

100_0151 cropped

Family Christmas

Last night, because things have changed over the years, my brother, sister and I decided we would get our families together to celebrate and exchange gifts the night before Christmas Eve.  We have become too rushed early Christmas morning to continue with that tradition, and so this was much more relaxed.  We celebrated at my house.


I made dinner which consisted of a big pot of red potatoes, shrimp, corn on the cob and spices along with croissants and pigs in a blanket for the kids.  Mary brought seven layer salad and V brought cake,  fudge, and cheese ball.  The food was great and we had a wonderful time. 


While we were in the mass chaos of opening presents my niece kept singing "Happy Birthday".  I thought she may have been confusing all the presents with a birthday party so I told her "Merry Christmas"  and then I said, "Whose birthday are we celebrating, Faith?"  "Jesus," she answered.  She knew what we were doing.... celebrating Jesus birth.   (Silly aunt Kathy.)

Oh and my brother got me this:


His passion is cars and I love to decorate my kitchen with Coke items.  He got this set of Nascar collector's Coke bottles at an auction.  But my greatest gift my brother and his wife V gave me was earlier this year when they became so connected with their new found local church.  My brother stopped going as a teenager so it thrilled me when he started going to a Wesleyan church just a few blocks from my house.  They are very involved and already a vital part of the group there.



100_0159 w V and Jas only

It's truly here... and we still have two more celebrations to go.  Tonight we celebrate with our aunts,uncles, and cousins.  Then tomorrow I will be at my brother's house as we share in Santa time with my kiddos. 

Merry Christmas everyone.

Find yourself... keeping it real.

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