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Dec 28, 2008

Post Christmas... blues? Naaah.

5:00 AM

Christmas was wonderful, as you know.  I hope yours was as well.... my kids had a wonderful time with their Santa gifts Christmas AM... at 5:00 AM to be exact.  We have had Santa time at my brother's house ever since the kiddos were babies.  Spending the night Christmas Eve at his house has become a tradition and they (Matt and V) enjoy being a part of my kiddos Santa time (even getting up at 5AM!) At least I think they do.

Christmas 2008 celebrations008

Christmas 2008 celebrations019

Jas loved his PSP system, games and movies and Kass loved her electric scooter, once she found it in the garage.  Santa left a note for her to ask Uncle Matt about it since he had to help Santa put it together. (And now her brother wants one.)

Christmas 2008 celebrations022

Once we were through with the hoopla at 5AM... we got a little more sleep before heading home where the kiddos got ready to go and celebrate all over again with their dad and his family.

But for me at that point Christmas was over.  I did go to my sister's house later in the afternoon that day to enjoy a ham lunch and see all the great things her girls got from Santa.  But after that it was all over for another year. 

Goals for 2009

Now with Christmas behind us, we need to focus on what we are going to do for new year's and what the coming year's goals will be.  So I am going to be working on my list of goals for 2009 and share those with you soon. 

Any ideas about what should be on that list for a single parent? 

Leave a comment and help me put together a functional list, won't you?

Find yourself... keeping it real.

Photo Credits:  Me :)
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