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Dec 9, 2008

Secret Christmas Wish

I don't want a lot for Christmas….  seriously, other than from my sister and my brother and a few small things from friends at work I don’t expect "a bunch of" Christmas presents. If my kiddos manage to save any of their allowance, I encourage them to buy for their dad or for his mom… and they will occasionally get me a little something too. But other than that, I enjoy Christmas for a lot of other reasons.

There's just one thing I need ….and I blog about it often; although I also state regularly it's not a need… but it is a desire.

I don't care about the presents... Underneath the Christmas tree …… because there is more to it, you know?  But if you were to ask my secret Christmas wish… it’s not hard to figure out:

I just want (you/him) for my own …. Yeah you know where this is headed… and I can’t say I can even tell you one specific "him" or that I have one guy picked out… but every time I hear this song…

More than you could ever know …. is where I begin to sing along, so if you have any strings to pull with Santa this year, there’s one more thing you could do:

Make my wish come true: All I want for Christmas... is... You….

Could this be the Christmas my secret Christmas wish comes true?

Oh he just may be Standing right outside my door...

Or maybe not… but at least I keep trying with my new "Flirt-a-day" challenge for the month of December from Dadshouseblog.com.

Hope you enjoy my fave Christmas song.... adapted for this blogpost.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t120/zeuszoltan/music-notes1_jpg3a9330ca-9cce-4552-.jpg


dadshouse said...

Pop songs, whatever the genre, are great ways to program our thinking. So if you are listening to that song by Mariah a lot, you're setting yourself to get what you want!

(She's a hottie, btw. I mean of course her great smile and voice! :-)

Hope you get all you want. How's the flirting going?

Anonymous said...

Yes, one of those would be nice.

Great to see your open to it.

Leave that door open lady and perhaps someone will walk in.

Isn't it funny how, songs can so affect us.

Hang in there and enjoy your Christmas!

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