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Jan 30, 2009

Happily Ever Now

Happily Ever Now

Do you recognize these ladies?  Have you been to their sites or ?

I do and I have:  Yes they are Morgan and Clare and they have not only started a great , but now they have !

The first issue arrived just this week and it was so exciting to see a professional publication with page after page of different writers and bloggers I have gotten to know over the last many months in the single parents blogosphere and beyond.  All of these people going through struggles similar to mine and making the most of their situations and life in general, sharing advice and insight.

Focusing on single parents is what I found with I-Heart through a simple keyword search last summer while looking for a social networking community made up of others like me.  I also found several prominent single parent bloggers on the site.  I was thrilled to find a community of others that "get it."  People to relate to and share with as I continue on this journey of present.  We may not always agree about every topic of discussion - just run on over there and find out - but we know how to reach out, care about and give a shout-out to others there because we understand each other.

It's not easy parenting on your own and we each have our own unique story about how we got to this chapter in our lives.  But with friends that "get it"- even in the virtual world across the continent, it's about encouraging others and lifting them up when they are not sure they can take another step.

Find yourself... keeping it real.


Ms. Single Mama said...

This is fantastic!!! I wish I had a copy... will check my mail when I get home from my trip.

Thanks for sharing Kat.

iHeart said...

Wow, what a great post! How can we ever thank you enough? you rock!

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