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Jan 28, 2009

Snow Disappointment


sNOw, those aren’t snow boots!

I wanted a snow day.

The forecast on Monday said that Tuesday we were at least getting ice or freezing rain. So 6:30 am Tuesday morning I hop out of bed, turn on the TV and see they are still calling for the ice… it was to start falling any minute… and the schools were closed everywhere around us.  So of course, I believe we are going to get ice, or something, and I go back to bed.

Later that morning when I get up, it’s pouring rain but no ice, no snow, nope just rain – not even freezing rain!

Disappointment is an understatement. So I call the office to let them know with the kids out of school, I was going to take a personal day: a personal day to recover from my snow disappointment. Even though the kids loved having a day off from school, they too were hoping for snow.  And I just love having a day, once a year or so, when you are stuck inside, with snow to watch... but I didn't get it.

These cardboard boots were Kass’ creation to help with the snow downer. She enjoyed them. And even Jas tried them on and played with them a few minutes, before they ripped them apart.  I think they helped… the kiddos at least.

Find yourself… keeping it real.

Photo Credit:  Kass modeled her creation for my camera


Anonymous said...

If I could keep it from melting I would TOTALLY send you some of mine! LOL

Designer Baby Bags said...

I miss snow too sometimes. We live in Florida, so snow days aren't even in the realm of possibility. When we go visit my family though, my son loves playing in the snow and I enjoy the serenity of a snow-covered landscape.

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