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Jan 26, 2009

It’s Not That Kind of Party

It’s Not That Kind of Party

Well I survived it and I’m even awake to tell about it on Saturday morning!  These boys are always good at my house. They are mostly the same boys I have had to stay over here for the last several years.  With my door closed, I slept great… I didn’t even hear them after about 2am. Only two of them went to sleep they said.

Proud Moment

One thing that made me proud was when my Jas (pronounced like Chase with a J) was inviting the guys over earlier in the week. They must have asked the question, “What do you want for your birthday?” His reply: “Oh you don’t have to bring anything; it’s not that kind of party.” He just wanted them to be here. Yeah that made me proud. It was another one of those golden moments.

Speaking of his gifts, I ended up giving him money and so did my sister and my brother. He is at “that” age. As they get older and technology advances, my kiddos'  interests get more complicated. He’s been interested in robotics for some time, for example. I remember a couple years ago I bought him a “” It’s a robot with a remote control that will do tricks, dance, even kung fu. He loved that thing. Then a year ago I got him a . With that one you build the robot yourself from the mechanical parts and a USB computerized component which allows you to download available code or your very own created program to your robot after its built and it will do anything you can dream up. Jas had used one at DARE camp and found them quite intriguing. I was just happy to get him something that would be educational but interesting enough to keep him using it. He rebuilt it several times and enjoyed programming the component of each different robot he would build.

Getting the Best Deal

When I had purchased these over the last couple years I wish I had known then about the . Over there you can find the current popular or not so popular ones and for the best price available. See they actually search sites with the intent to find items that you want to buy at the best prices.

I found these very on the site, brand new for a whole lot less than what I paid. But next time I’ll know and as they get older and their interests become more complex, it’s good to have a site to help find these . When you have to budget and watch every cent, it’s good to know you are getting the best deal out there.

The web is as wide as the world, remember? So I like the idea of tracking down the best price in it and (also available on the site)... so you know who to trust and where to get it... for less.  And now I know where Jas might want to spend that birthday money!

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Photo Credit: LEGO MindStorms Robot,

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